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Optometry is a regulated profession. Understanding and becoming involved in the federal and legislative process is important for the advancement of the optometric profession.

Be Politically Aware. Do you know who your local candidates are?  Is your district one of the thirty-four seats up for election?  If you don’t, find out!  This is part of being involved in the community you live and work in.  Many Chambers of Commerce will host a candidates breakfast or lunch.  Make sure you go—it’s good for your profession AND your practice!

Get together with your area colleagues and arrange an early morning breakfast with your local legislators.  Now is the time, before the session starts to teach them about Optometry and voice your concerns about healthcare and its impact on your ability to take care of your patients.  We can give you a list of other CAO doctors in your district.  Contact your District Captain if you want help.  Don't know who your District Captain is?  Call the CAO office at 860.529.1900.

Legislative Guide

Public Act 15-122  (non-covered services)

PA 15-122 Notice

PA 15-122 Opinion

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